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Welcome to The Lost Days

Ever wonder what it would be like if a zombie apocalypse happened tomorrow? We have as well, which is why every week we're exploring the dark and evil side of life after the zombie outbreak. Join us as we explore what it would be like to try to survive when death comes knocking at every door, window, and crevice. What would happen to our humanity if the only people left were just trying to get by? If this sounds up your alley then go ahead and tune in for this episode where the apocalypse is finally here. The best part of it; YOU the listeners, contribute to the story.



The final days of humanity are upon us, the zombie hoards are at your front door tearing it down. You have only seconds to react, do you freeze or do you run, because fighting is not an option.


You snap into action quickly, you have trained for this situation most of your life and you head out the back door grabbing your Go Bag on the way out.


You duck between houses and alleyways avoiding the roaming undead at every turn. People all around you are being swarmed and ripped to pieces as you sprint down the road until you hit your destination. 


It is a large single story blue and white building, the sight of which is both familiar as it is terrifying. But you need some supplies. So you go in. At first there are no people inside except the ones sprawled out on the ground dead. 


You make your way further into the store and down every aisle there is a bunch of the same, dead bodies and blood, so much blood. But you have come here for one reason and one reason only. You set your mind back on that task and begin to load up with supplies. 


Out of the corner of your eye you see movement as one of the dead people pops up off of the ground. You turn quickly to assess the situation only to see several others do the same. You think to yourself “it’s on” as you grab another box of snake bars and shove them in your pack.


You make a run for the sporting goods department with the previously dead patreon hot on your tail. They run after you like a hound at the track. You slide into the aisle with baseball equipment and lay your hands on a nice aluminum bat just as the first of your pursuers catches up with you. 


With a spectacular swing you crack your undead attacker directly in the side of the head sending them to the ground with a thud. You attempt to catch your breath but there is another one directly behind that one and as you turn two more round the corner from the other side. 


You are surrounded and have nowhere to go, so you start swinging like your life depends on it, because it does and miraculously you are able to take care of the ones closest to you and find a pathway out of the store, bashing in a few more skulls before exiting. 


You stand breathless in the parking lot as you look around and take in your surroundings. The undead are killing people who in turn are becoming undead and killing other people. Everything is in chaos with screams echoing through the parked cars and blaring alarms. You take off toward the edge of town and away from the panic and carnage you just witnessed. 


You are determined to get through this but you aren’t sure how. As you run down the road you aren’t sure you will. 



The lost days podcast is a listener contributed audio adventure about the zombie apocalypse and the people who lived in it. Told through found audio, video, and handwritten journals the CPR tries to piece together the facts and events from a time in history they refer to as the lost days of humanity. 


Every episode you will be presented with stories of survival and of death, Some of love and others of pain.

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